Vulcain Nautical S2322B

Vulcain Nautical S2322B on sale…

On Hoodinkee shop there is written a nice article in ” Watch Of The Week” and the clock is for sale in their shop . (But is unfortunately already sold out). The article and pictures are now still worth a visit. It is not often that an original Vulcain Nautical 70s is for sale, and not the state as this. The most I have seen have much more wear, especially the back case are fine.

Vulcain Nautical 70's on sale at Hoodinkee Shop
Vulcain Nautical ref. S2322B. Picture ©Hoodinkee

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Vulcain V-40, more new’s…

Vulcain Watches recently announced that there Baselworld 2016 will be presented with a brand new Vulcain “Cricket” movement. The new caliber will be named V-40 the previous Cricket caliber’s have been in the V-10 and V-20 series.
Vulcain has not yet revealed anything about the specifications of the new movement, but it was expected from my side that there would be some improvement over the 18,000 vibrations per hour at the current movement.
I can now reveal a little more about the movement. V-40 is not higher frequency, but is rather a slightly different execution structure than the old V-10 movement than a brand new caliber.

V-40 specification

The new movement is still at 18,000 vibrations per hour. The alarm still sounds for about 20 seconds. It has also has two springs as the old, one for the clock and one for the alarm. The biggest difference is so far, to alarm and second hands is moved to position 4 and 8 from center on the “old” ones.

Vulcain V-40

I actually see no major improvement but just a little different structure and perhaps a little easier operation than the old V-10 ….
Who knows, maybe there are more surprises when it officially are revealed!

News from Vulcain Watches

Now we have news from Vulcain who see 2016 as a promising year.
They are now out with a press release about Basel World 2016 where they present a completely new “Cricket” movement with the name V-40. I wonder if we should expect higher bit rate?

Vulcain also promises a new edition of the 2008 “Anniversary Heart”. Do it carry the new V-40 movement??

This is not the V-40 !!

Read the press release here:
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